The Art of Style

The Power of Accessories

Accessories will always make you feel good about yourself - 

They will tell you how cool, fun, elegant and sophisticated you


Putting the right accessories together is the fashion skill that separates stylish people from ordinary looking ones.

Once you have got it right you'll always look great in whatever you wear.

Here are five simple style tricks worth remembering to master your accessorizing skills:

1- Keep it tasteful and personal: Wear something that express your personality or wear something that means something for you, and to keep it tasteful, make sure to not go overboard.

2- Be careful with proportions: If you are wearing an outfit that is voluminous, scale back on the accessories. And the opposite is true

3- Don’t be afraid to mix materials 

4-Think outside the box for a multipurpose

use of you accessories


5- Add a belt to cinch your waist and to

highlight a feminine silhouette

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