The Art of Style

Modern Basics

To be modern is to live with your time. To adapt to the changes taking place in all aspects of your life. And so should your wardrobe staples. They should adapt to the modern lifestyle and modern silhouettes that have changed our way of dressing and presenting ourselves.


Basics are the closet essentials that you MUST HAVE as they are the base on which you build your wardrobe. They are not trend or season related. They allow to dress stylishly at any given day – especially those “I don’t have anything to wear” days! 


These are great pieces for an understated chic look - Think Parisian women  -  Some persons make even the deliberate choice to dress only with these essentials.


Something to remember when you are selecting your building block pieces, is to favour quality over quantity, as these are meant to last for a very long time in your closet so they have to resist multiple washings while looking still great!

10 Must Have Modern basics 

1.Crisp white button down shirt : It is the most versatile clothing piece you can have in your closet. 

Although borrowed from the menswear, it has come to represent modern feminity and sensuality. 

Do not reserve it for your work wear only, it also looks great with a pair of jeans or over a summer slip dress.

how to wear white shirts

2. A well fitted pair of dark blue jeans that you can style up or down depending on the top and the shoes that you wear with.

3. A pair of sneakers (preferably white): Sneakers are the new ballerinas. They look good with nearly everything and they add a touch of modernity and coolness to any outfit.


4. A tailored suit that you can wear as a total look or as separates. It can transition seamlessly from day to night by swapping your white sneakers with a pair of high heels. 

To keep the look fresh and modern, avoid wearing shirts or silky blouses under the jacket. Try instead a white T-shirt for the day or a sexy camisole for the night.


5. A white crew neck or V neck T-shirt: Personally, it is my favourite essential piece. Worn on its own or used for layering, it represents the effortless casual chic that goes with everything and anything.

white tshirts.jpg

6. A cashmere oversized sweater to wear with your jeans or over a long skirt for a stylish minimal look.

oversized sweater.jpg

7.A huge scarf to wrap around your neck in the cold or to just add an extra layer to your outfit


huge scarf 1
huge scarf 2

8. A cross body bag to add modernity to your look.

It can be doubled with a tote bag to throw in all what you need when you are on the go

9. A Denim Jacket – cropped or oversized It can go with nearly everything in your closet. For a modern look, pair them with a floral dress and cow boy boots or just double them with same shade jeans for a more casual and laid back look.

10.High heels ankle boots: They are a more modern and directional version of the high heel pumps that you would wear to go out at night. They instantly elevate any look.

They look great with skinny jeans or leather pants paired with an oversized shirt or sweater.

ankle boots with jeans
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ankle boots with embellished heels
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ankle boots with leather pants
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high heel ankle boots with jeans
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