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My fashion less vacation

I just came back from a trip to Cambodia which beyond its magical temples, beautiful tropical nature, and bustling markets, has enchanted me by the peacefulness of its people despite extreme poverty, pollution and a sharp economic disparity.

The Cambodian culture is derived from the Theravada Buddhism that encourages its followers to be pleased with what they have and attain inner peace by liberating themselves from materialistic needs and wants of life.

Naturally while packing for the trip, fashion was not on my mind. My priority was comfortable light weight clothing convenient for long walks in the sun and humid outdoor diners at night.

As a result, I, for the first time, experienced the meaning of traveling light!

Needless to say how surprised was my husband when he discovered that his suitcase was heavier than mine when we registered our luggage at the airline counter.

Strangely, the limited wardrobe choice gave me an incredible sense of freedom and care- free attitude that was so refreshing and enjoyable that I wished I could adopt it in all my travels and why not in my daily life?

As a fashion stylist who love clothes probably more than most, I should not be saying that but this is the reality.

What encouraged this feeling, was that everybody else was dressed in the same relaxed way. Don’t get me wrong, it was nothing about being unfashionable, or unseductive clothing. On the contrary the inventive styling and personal interpretation of tourist type clothing formed a magpie of colours, textures and prints that was a feast for the eyes.

It was beautiful but It was just not about latest trends, hype brands or must haves!

This led me to think about the unnecessary pressure we put ourselves in to follow the latest trends and own the latest iconic pieces.

Why don’t we adopt this same carefree approach to clothes in our ordinary life?

Ironically, the answer lies in what I already said above, I love too much clothes to give up on them.

But do we need so many? Not really – especially if we learn how to extend the reach of our clothes by reinventing looks, creating new mix and match combinations and looking at them with fresh eyes.

Isn’t this the purpose of a stylist after all? Absolutely! ….. and this is what I like most about my job!

This is why I have decided to have a more minimalistic approach to clothes and shopping:

1- Buy less.

2- Be content with what I have

3- Get more mileage from my clothes

4- Favour quality to quantity

5- Save the planet

Will keep you posted on the progress…

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