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Image in the Instagram era

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

"How do I look?"

This is a question that I ask myself several times a day. To answer it I reach out to a mirror look at myself and most of the time end up fixing my hair (one of my obsessions).

By now you are already thinking "How archaic is this!", "How old is this woman?"

You are right, I belong to a generation where looking good was defined by the image reflected in the mirror.

Millennials look at themselves through the image reflected by the lens of their smartphone.

How do I look? means "Do I look good enough to share my photo on social media"?

If Image is the way we want others to perceive us, in the social media reign, image is defined by our photos on our home feed.

The question is how real is this in the age of filters, photoshops, digital cameras, and disposable snaps.

How real is it, and I don't mean for the others, but for myself?

Am I really that person that I am trying to be in my shared photos.

...I would say look at the mirror, you will get the answer....

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