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Appear or Own

We live at the age of experience economy where the experience is more valuable than the ownership. Millennials consumption model is more and more geared towards living the experience rather than spending on material items.

Social media plays a big role in the spread of this trend as it implies a constant share with our friends and family (and hopefully the thousands of followers) of the kind of life we are living, the kind of clothes we are wearing, our dream vacation house, the kind of car you drive, etc, etc…

Naturally the experience economy has tapped in our closet where we can now rent our dream runway pieces instead of buying them or should I say invest in them considering their usually costly prices.

Renting them serves a specific purpose to wear them for a specific occasion, and to share the photos on social media to enhance our “cool and stylish” image and of course to boost our feel good feeling. In a nutshell it serves our appearance.

But is this the only reason why we buy clothes?

Is our emotional relation with clothes only related to appearance?

Is the satisfaction of owning an item the same as the satisfaction of wearing it?

Personally, I love fashion. I obviously love looking good in my clothes and I always tend to look for that special piece that will elevate my outfit and add an element of surprise or personal style to the look.

But most importantly I love owning them not only for the satisfaction that they give me while wearing them but mostly for their intrinsic value of creativity, of craftsmanship, of uniqueness.

It is like owning a piece of art for an art collector. Is the satisfaction to look at it in an art gallery same as to own it? I bet not.

I love the idea that my closet is like a museum of iconic pieces that give me a very private and personal satisfaction that is not related to their functionality and to the act of wearing them or showing off in them. It is a very private and personal relation established throughout the years of collecting and looking after them in the closet.

Having said so, I would happily lend them to friends and family to help them look great and feel good about themselves!

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