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Aging Gracefully

Last week as I was visiting my parents in Lebanon, my mother asked me to join her and her three long-time friends for lunch at a café/brasserie in Beirut.

I like to think that she wanted to show-off about me in front of her friends J but in reality she just wanted to share with me some girl time that we have been both missing lately.

What struck me during that lunch was the elegance and the beauty of these 4 elderly ladies sitting in front of me and giving me tacitly a lesson about aging gracefully.

Their elegance stemmed from the fact that they were presenting the very best version of the age they are.

They were not afraid to show their age but at the same time they did not let their age be a reason to give up on their looks and their appearance.

As I was sitting there enjoying their company, I tried to understand what was making them look so modern and relevant despite their advanced age and their rather sober and classic outfits.

And then it hit me – It was all in the details. They had injected their looks with some of the latest accessories and trends that added fun and style to their wardrobe: Huge specs, nearly black nail polish, a funky scarf, the cross body handbag, flat loafers, etc..

Each one of them had her own personal style while using a refresher to stay relevant with current times.

In addition to their appearance, what made them look so graceful, was their confidence and their spirit: They were glowing with life, happy to be together, grateful to life and to each other. They did not talk about the disappointments they had endured, instead they shared their joys and their “silliness”. They made jokes about each other and laughed loudly.

They had this spark in their eyes that captivates your attention and commands your admiration.

That lunch was a great eye opener for me. Growing old is not a choice but Aging is.

P.S. My friends, you have been warned. :))

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