The Art of Style

Modern silhouettes

Our modern lifestyle has had a major impact on the way we dress.

As a result, a new code of dressing has emerged to replace the more traditional feminine silhouette.

As we have seen over the past few seasons, Designers have deconstructed classic tailored looks and form fitting silhouettes, and reimagined them by playing with proportions and volume to create

looks that deliver comfort and practicality yet elegant and effortlessly stylish.

This directional shift in fashion is leading the trend towards dressing in a more architectural way which can be described as deconstructed tailoring, exaggerated silhouettes, bold new lines, and creative use of proportions.

palmer harding jpg_edited.jpg

Here is what you need to know to embrace the new codes of dressing and to build a modern silhouette that keeps you relevant:


The modern silhouette is an asymmetrical silhouette that disrupts the traditional rule of symmetry in classic dressing.

assymetric skirt paired with boots_edite


Mix and match Athleisure wear with fashion pieces to create a stylish, effortless look 

stella-mc-cartney-ss19- athleisure0027-c


Use layering  to create your own look by combining different textures, colours and proportions

j-w-anderson-aw19- layering0018-f26c76_e


Chunky shoes, sneakers, flatforms, loafers, complete the modern silhouette. They help balance the proportions and emphasize the contemporary feel.


Relaxed trousers

Replace skinny jeans or cropped skinny pants with high waist, wide legged trousers for a more relaxed look.

Loose tailored trousers_edited.jpg

Mix and Match

Do not hesitate to mix and match colours, patterns or fabrics to create your very own personal look.

Mix and Match jpg

Play with contrasts

Play with contrasts and opposites such as the cool balance between masculine and feminine, or a sharply tailored look paired with sporty casual elements.

masculine feminine jpg

Make a statement

Use volume to build a structural dramatic silhouette 


Photos credits: Tagwalk