The Art of Style

Finding your fashion personality and building your personal style

Your style is the first impression you give to the world.

It is a clear expression of your personality and the way you want the others to perceive you.

It is important to find your fashion style as it will serve you as a guideline when building your wardrobe and help you in projecting a consistent image through your looks.


There are 7 recognized style personalities as described here below – all you need to do is discover which one characterizes you best and build your SS19 wardrobe around it:

1- Natural/Casual: Effortless fashion is what defines this style. Women who identify with this style, invest heavily in basics (See Modern basics) and simple staple pieces. They like to feel relaxed in their clothes and their style appears to be sporty and casual-cool.

2- Creative/Eclectic: It is all about having fun with fashion for this woman. Her way of dressing is innovative and individualistic. Her wardrobe is very eclectic because she likes to mix different styles and is not afraid of clashing colours and prints. Her style expresses a very bold fashion statement.

3- Modern/Cool: While this woman is trendy and follows fashion, she will not buy into a trend if it does not compliment her existing wardrobe. She does not like to appear as a fashion victim so she will avoid buying into highly advertised pieces or the “Must haves” of the season. She invests heavily in shoes, bags and accessories as she loves adding her personal touch to any look she wears. 

4- Feminine/Romantic: Pretty and soft is what defines this style. The Romantic woman loves flowing silhouettes and dresses with feminine details such as bows, ruffles, pleats, lace.

Her wardrobe is full of breezy floral gowns in pretty colours

5- Edgy/Fashionista: This style characterizes the fashion-forward woman who is not afraid of experimenting new trends, bold looks, new designers … Her wardrobe consists of the latest trends, and one- off statement pieces. She is a trendsetter. She creates her own trend and others follow.

6- Sexy/Alluring: Sexy is the mantra for this woman. She usually goes for figure hugging silhouettes and clothes that accentuate or help create an hour glass body shape. Deep V’s and high slits are also part of her wardrobe selection.

7- Classic : The Classic woman prefer to invest in quality and timeless styles rather than seasonal trends. She always looks polished and put together. Her wardrobe includes mainly formal looks and coordinating separates. Her style oozes chicness and elegance.

Chanel, Burberry, pumps, Top handle handbag