The Art of Style

Building a lifelong wardrobe

The Fashion world is saturated with trends.

At least 4 Times a year we are presented with new collections offering new trends and new styles that - unless you are a fashion professional – might be overwhelming and hard to keep up.

You might feel confused and unsure of what trends to invest in and how to filter through the abundance of offerings in order to choose the pieces that will fit with your personality, your lifestyle and last but not least that will work well with your own wardrobe.

The smart way to look at fashion and to make it relevant to your own needs, is to understand how to maximize your purchase and how to create a kind of chain-link fence where each new purchase is meant to go on top of an existing base.


The key idea of building a lifelong wardrobe is the idea of the interchangeable wardrobe. This means a collection of clothes that work well with one another independently on the season, the trend or the total outfit in which they were initially presented.

Credit photo: The Tagwalk

Building a lifelong wardrobe requires discipline, time and few considerations:

Know your core style: Your core style is the bedrock of your wardrobe – these are the kind of clothes that let you project your personality and fills you with confidence and poise.

Expand your wardrobe by adding elements that can be easily mixed and matched with existing pieces in your close

Skip trends and you will never get bored of your wardrobe

Think outside the box: Create different looks with your core staples as a way to re-use and re-invent your wardrobe.

Spot the unexpected piece that will help you elevate your wardrobe and keep your look relevant and surprising. This could range from the quirky accessory , to the dramatic coat, or the trophy handbag.

Invest only in statement pieces that you will still appreciate in 10 years- These are usually easily recognizable by one or all of these qualities:  fabulous cut, best fabrics, surprising textures, impeccable fitting, …

Always leave room for fantasy and playfulness as fashion should always be fun with a pinch of exuberance.

Remember to move away from the idea of owning only specific total looks or catwalk looks that are identifiable with a specific season and specific trend and can look very quickly dated and out of fashion

Emmanuelle Alt (Editor in chief of Vogue Paris) and Anna Wintour (Editor in chief of Vogue USA) timeless style over the years