The Art of Style

The Belt factor

Adding a belt to your outfit is a great way to give your look a finishing touch.

Belts can change the character of your outfit by making it more personal and by connecting all parts of what you are wearing into a coherent ensemble.

A part from their ornamental function, belts are a great way to add a sophisticated note while flattering your silhouette by drawing the eye to the smallest part of your waist.

The Good News is that trends wise, Belts are making a huge come back and taking centre stage of outfits across the board.

 4 major belt trends are making a buzz right now. 

Time to buckle up and cinch your waist with any of these trends.

STATEMENT BELTS such as corset belts, cord belts, belts with utility pockets- 

Add them to your outfit to cinch your waist and add a trendy detail to your look.

Corset belts look great over a white shirt and a pair of jeans 

Cord belts add character to a summery slip dress or over cargo pants

Belts with utility pockets look best with tailored jackets or skirts.

Styling tip for Statement Belts: Do not add any other accessory to your outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit simple 

burberry belt over trench_edited.jpg

credit: Burberry

corset belt.jpg
isabel marant cord belt_edited.jpg

credit: Isabel Marant

CHAIN BELTS such as the Chanel style belts are making a big come back 

 You can wrap them around any outfit - even your swimsuit - for a sophisticated and glamorous effect

Styling tip: Chain belts are not used to cinch your waist. They are just an accessory to uplift your outfit.

They look best on skirts and pants or jeans. 

credit: Chanel

chain belt 3_edited.jpg
chain belt 2_edited.jpg

BELT BAGS: In addition to the street style flair they provide to your outfit they are great to move freely without the hassle of a handbag

They can bring a polished tone to an over-sized silhouette or make a ruffled dress look sporty instantly

Styling tip: Belt bags look super cool when worn as cross body bag 

belt bag over trench_edited.jpg

Waist Belts: These are the classic belts that usually everyone of us owns. The novelty is in the way it is styled to add definition and sartorial personality to your outfit. 

Styling tip:The modern way to wear them is over a jacket or oversized 

sweater to define the waist and create a more feminine silhouette

christian-dior belt over jacketss19-0050

Credit: Christian Dior

alexander mc queen belt _edited.jpg

Credit: Alexander McQueen

sacai 2_edited.jpg



Credit: Chloe